Hypoallergenic Eye Make Up & Mascara


My eyes get very irritated now when I use my regular eye makeup products, which are mostly Lancôme and Loreal. Do you recommend and eye makeup products by brand name
to try; shadow, concealer, mascara, etc. that are truly hypoallergenic? Please advise. Thank you!!


My dear Eileen! Try use some cosmetics which are created especially for sensitive skin. Not only skin but eyes, lips also. There’s a few good brands where you can buy hypoallergenic make up products. Those cosmetics shouldn’t irritate your sensitive skin. I recommend professional cosmetics such as Almay (foundations, eyeshadows), Clinique (mascara Clinique Naturally Glossy), Laura Mercier (here you can find them http://goo.gl/LsRZCn). You have to try. Don’t give up. There are so many brands. I’m sure you will find perfect make up products.

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