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Hello, I was just wondering what the best hypoallergenic makeup is that is suitable
for stage. When I use the provide makeup (cover girl foundation and powder) I have
terrible breakouts that make my face swollen and my skin flake off. So I was just
wondering what the best hypoallergenic makeup is.


Hi Tony. First of all you should use cosmetics created especially for artists and stage performs. I think that you should try find some online stores which provide characterization products or check on amazon: I recommend two brands. First brand is Mehron (for example Mehron Celebre Foundation). They make not only foundations and eyeshadows, but also various masks and powders. Second brand is Ben Nye. In Europe exists another producer Kryolan. It is provide special cosmetics on stage. Those product are very lasting.

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3 thoughts on “Stage makeup”

  • Sammy Heryford says:

    Not sure as each person is different. I have sensitive skin and have been using Ben Nye banana luxury powder and not been affected by it. It is very fine and you don’t need a lot so this could be a factor to not causing irritation for me.

  • Nigel Prescott says:

    My 10 year old daughter was made-up by a professional theatre group using Ben Nye products and ended up visiting hospital with dreadful headaches and dizziness which lasted for days. Before buying Ben Nye products read the label which gives the constituents and you will be horrified! Most can cause cancer, foetus abnormalities, fertility problems and worse!

  • Katherine says:

    Hi this is Margaret abernathy I have sensitive skin not serious. When i was 8 years old I did makeup like a cat and a panda. I am 15 now is there a makeup product for sensitive skin?

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