Hypoallergenic Eye Makeup

Hypoallergenic Eye Makeup

The eyes are perhaps the most sensitive part of the body, and definitively the most sensitive part of the face. They are often the most affected by the chemicals present in makeup. If you ever find that your eyes are watering after you put on your mascara or eye shadow, it is often because some of it has fallen into your eye and is causing a negative reaction. Think of just how irritating it is when an eyelash falls into your eye. Now multiply that irritation by the chemicals present in traditional eye makeup.

Big name makeup companies, in order to create makeup that lasts and that stays on the skin, pump their cosmetics full of preservatives and adhesives, chemicals that should never come in contact with your skin, much less, with your eyes. Hypoallergenic eye makeup strives to reverse this problem, creating lines that are much safer for use around the most sensitive part of your face.

hypoallergenic eye makeup

Why Hypoallergenic Eye Makeup Is Better for Your Eyes

Products labeled with the hypoallergenic seal are rigorously tested by dermatologist and cosmologists to ensure that they are safe for application to your skin. In turn, this results in a makeup that is much safer for use around the eyes. Historically, eye makeup is ground very fine and infused with artificial colors, in order to make it last longer on the eyelid and retain its hue long after it has been applied. Both of these practices are very dangerous, not only for the skin of the eyelid, but also for the eye. The finer grind of the powder makes it much easier to be absorbed into the eye, and as the powder itself contains harmful chemicals, it can do plenty of damage to the eye.

Hypoallergenic eye makeup still has a fine grind, it can be applied in the same manner as any makeup, but with fewer harmful chemicals and a more-skin friendly composition, it is less likely to irritate even the most sensitive eyes. Less irritation means you are less likely to rub your makeup off as your eyes become itchy and watery. You are also less likely to experience vision or skin problems, as the products are more natural and will not interfere with your body’s natural processes.

How Hypoallergenic Eye Makeup Is Made

After it became clear that makeup was contributing to a number of chronic skin problems, researchers began looking into the way that makeup is made and also researching whether or not there was a better way to make it. Eye makeup became one of their main concerns, because eyeliner, eye shadow, and mascara have the potential to do serious damage to the eyes. As a result, they discovered that using natural pigments, derived from skin-friendly plants and minerals, could act as the basis for eye shadows, liners, and mascaras. When used, these products irritated neither the eye itself nor the skin surrounding it. The focus on natural ingredients is the main difference between makeup that can harm a woman’s face and makeup that will promote its health.

3 thoughts on “Hypoallergenic Eye Makeup”

  • Anita says:

    To whom it may concern
    I am not having much fun this year – with a total of 3 severe reactions on my face (resulting in severe swelling, eczema and pain) which then resulted in 3 separate courses of long term oral steroids, antihistamines and antibiotics

    Obviously (and thankfully to my company) I opted for private care . Whereby they confirmed via path testing I am allergic to the following preservatives:
    hydroxyisohexyl 3-cyclohexene carboxaldehyde
    Now I am on a mission to find a good, trusted company that sells makeup without the above ingredients. Recommended by my dermatologist and make up artist friends – I called your customer service department and spoke to one of the representatives who was extremely helpful and suggested that I contact direct (hence this email) and list the ingredients I am trying to avoid for your help

    I am particularly interested in (and in desperately in need of) :
    Eyeshadow (pinks, purples, nudes, browns, blacks, blues, silvers, gold )
    Liquid eyeliner (black , brown)
    Eyeliner – pencil (black, brown)
    Eyebrow liner (dark brown, black)
    Lipstick – pinks, reds
    I would appreciate if you could back to me as soon as you can, on top of this crazy year my partner and I are planning to get married and the thought of going bare faced makes me not want to do the day!
    I would be super grateful for any help and advice, samples and guidance on your products

    Look forward to your response

    Please see my contact details below
    Thanks for your time
    Anita Khanna
    Mob: 07932 053 074 | Email: ukanita43@aol.com or anita.khanna@sky.uk

  • I would. having suffered allergies all my life,recomend clinique mascara (not tried waterproof. Just in case) boots no7. avon .mac .givenchy. eyeliner only no7 n clinique. I have not used pencils, just liquid (I’m old im 64) .last few years I got allergic to eyeshadows as well.so I can recomend clinique n christian dior.skincare always clinique but I’ve only used dramaticaly differant moisturiser n moisture surge plus moisture surge rich. eyecream.i avoid anything with s.p.f.also at night I put on eyecream about half an hour before I sleep ,so its properly absorbed into skin.

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