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Is Urban Decay Hypoallergenic?

Because much of the cosmetics we apply to our faces are applied around some of the most sensitive areas, many people are looking for cosmetic brands that promise to be hypoallergenic. If something is hypoallergenic, this simply means that when it is used on the skin, even on sensitive skin, it probably will not cause an allergic reaction.

Of course, there will still be people who have very severe allergies who might experience some redness or bumpiness when using a product that is hypoallergenic, but in general, this means that most people will not experience irritation when using that product.

Urban Decay puts out a wide variety of cosmetics, including eyeliner, eyeshadow, foundation, lipstick, and beyond. These types of makeup are applied not just around the eyes and mouth, but all over the face. If they were not hypoallergenic, it would be very likely that someone would have an allergic reaction, simply because of where these products are used. That said, Urban Decay is hypoallergenic and has historically been one of the most hypoallergenic brands on the market.

This brand has taken special care to make sure that their lip glosses, blushes, mascara, etc. is produced with ingredients and in such a way that it is safe to use on even sensitive skin.

Top 10 Urban Decay hypoallergenic products 2017

Product NameTypeWeightHypoallergenic
Naked PaletteEyeshadows12 x 1.3ghypoallergenic Check Price
Eyeshadow Primer PotionConcealer0.37oz / 11mlhypoallergenic Check Price
Naked SkinFoundation1oz / 30mlhypoallergenic Check Price
Naked BasicsEyeshadows6 x 0.05 ozhypoallergenic Check Price
Moondust PaletteEyeshadows8 x 0.02 ozhypoallergenic Check Price
24/7Pencil0.04 ozhypoallergenic Check Price
PerversionEyeliner0.018 ozhypoallergenic Check Price
ViceLipstick0.11 ozhypoallergenic Check Price
Naked FlushedBlush, Bronzer, Highlighter0.49 ozhypoallergenic Check Price
Single EyeshadowEyeshadows0.05 ozhypoallergenic Check Price

This brand is widely praised for being hypoallergenic, providing those who use it with safe and high-quality products that can be used on a wide variety of skin types. There are some people who can use any product and will never have a reaction. For those who have more sensitive skin, Urban Decay, any of their lines, any of their products, is a great option, as they strive to provide not just one line of hypoallergenic products like some brands, but to make all of their products hypoallergenic.

What is your experience with Urban Decay?

11 thoughts on “Urban Decay”

  • Jenna Katz says:

    I tried wearing lipsticks from urban decay and the skin on my lips began to peel.

    • Agnes says:

      Unfortunately there is no cosmetics that will not charm anyone. Hypoallergenic means it is will be non allergenic for ALMOST everyone but not for everyone.

  • sima bernatt says:

    Is 24/7 eyeliner fragrance free?

  • Kristina Reinhold-Smith says:

    I had a SEVERE reaction all around my eyes f RT I’m their concealer. My docs put me on prednisone for 6 days to improve the inflammation.

    • Marcia Marcia Horton says:

      Oh wow since I’ve been using their foundation I’ve noticed irritation around my eyes. Never stopped to think if was the foundation.

  • Mar says:

    I gave my boyfriend oral wearing urban decay vice liquid lipstick “Big Bang. The next day his member was irritated, red and itchy. I should’ve wiped it off beforehand, but since it was liquid matte I wasn’t worried about it getting messy. It may have been the metallic finish. Lesson learned. It’s not entirely hypoallergenic.

  • Kimberly LeGrand says:

    I have never had an issue with eyeliner until I switched to Urban Decay 24/7 Empire. One morning, I woke up with both eyes crusted over because failed to remove it all the night before. I never thought it was the eyeliner until I started using only it. My eyes burn, itch and become very watery. It takes hours after I remove the eyeliner to feel better. $20 down the drain. Very sad as I really liked the product

  • Catherine SHAKESHAFT says:

    I bought the Naked Ultimate Basics palette. The eyeshadows are amazing, love the way they look. But unfortunately they make my eyes sticky and sore. I have this reaction to a lot of make up, but not all. So disappointed

  • Olivia says:

    Urban decay eyeshadow primer is notorious for causing allergic reactions. It took me until my tube was almost gone to figure it out because I used it so infrequently until I forgot to take my allergy medicine one day and I had severe swelling of my eyelids! Now all the skin is peeling off. I Google it and it’s a known problem now.

  • Mary K says:

    I’ve just had a severe allergic reaction to Urban Decay eyeshadow primer too. Two days of red, swollen watering eyes —- taking antihistamine, bathing eyes in Optrex, applying wet teabags, cucumber slices … work tomorrow and I’m going to look as though I’ve been beaten up! Not to mention 9 1/2 hours of staring at a computer screen!!

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