Natural Makeup

Natural Makeup

Whether you want to “green” your makeup routine or simply cannot stand the artificial chemicals most companies dump into their cosmetics, natural makeup is a great alternative. More and more women are flocking to the natural revolution and are experiencing far fewer breakouts, less redness, and healthier skin simply by making this one small change in their routine. Companies that produce natural makeup have both a concern for the health of their customers and for the sustainability of the earth, and they take both of these into consideration as they formulate their cosmetics.

What Makes Makeup Natural?

Natural makeup is made without parabens, waxes, artificial oils, or preservatives. These are all fillers that some cosmetic companies dump into their makeup formulations in order to stabilize the other caustic chemicals that they use. Manufacturers of natural makeup use only elements and pigments found in the earth and that are proven not to react with most skin types. Most use minerals milled from the earth and powdered to make them cover skin more effectively. Some women find that these kinds of mineral makeups actually perform better than their artificial counterparts.

Benefits of Natural Makeup

For women who have sensitive skin, natural makeup is often the only choice. Any kind of artificial chemical can cause blemishes and even rashes on sensitive skin. Natural makeup, on the other hand, is designed not to react with sensitive skin. Some formulations are even infused with aloe or green tea, both of which help to calm and soothe sensitive skin. This mean fewer breakouts, less redness, and healthier skin over all. Natural makeup is also made without environmental pollutants, which makes its manufacturing process much better for the earth, which is perfect for women who still want to wear makeup without worrying about the negative environmental impact.

Kinds of Natural Makeup

There are natural varieties for just about every kind of makeup, from foundation to eyeliner. Powder foundations was the first kind of makeup to break into the natural market, but now blush, lipstick, mascara, and even primers all have natural counterparts. You do not have to sacrifice one part of your makeup routine in order to switch over to more natural products. Some kinds of natural makeup are going to be easier to find than others.

Where Can I Find Natural Makeup?

Some big name cosmetic companies have begun carrying natural lines of makeup. Before purchasing any of these, it is very important to read the ingredients list. Though they may claim to be natural, they may in fact contain the same ingredients as other makeup. The best place to find natural makeup is from an online retailer, who can help you match your skin tone to the right kinds of makeup and even help you find the right foundations, blushes, and primers that will work best with your skin type.

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