Hypoallergenic Foundation

Hypoallergenic Foundation

Not all foundation is created equally, as most women have discovered. Sometimes, you will be very excited to try a new product, will take it home, apply it to your skin, and discover that you have a severe allergic reaction to one of the ingredients. This is because some companies pump their foundations full of artificial ingredients, which are not friendly to skin and can actually irritate it, causing breakouts, rashes, and even more severe allergic reactions. Hypoallergenic foundation is designed not to cause these reactions.

Why buy hypoallergenic foundation?

If you have sensitive skin, or skin that is prone to breakouts, hypoallergenic foundation is the best makeup choice for your skin type. Unlike other kinds of foundation, this makeup is both less likely to clog pores and cause blemishes, but also is less likely to have a negative reaction with your skin. It is formulated with more natural ingredients, and without any of the harsher chemicals which are known to create these kinds of reactions. Even if you do not have allergies, hypoallergenic foundation is better for your skin, helping you to maintain a more youthful appearance.

Does hypoallergenic foundation come in my skin tone?

In the past, it may have been difficult to find truly hypoallergenic foundation for every skin tone. Because it is the one product that is most-often used and is used all over the face, many companies have begun formulating hypoallergenic alternatives to their other makeup lines. This means that even women with very fair, very dark, or discolored skin can find a foundation that works for them.

Are there varieties of hypoallergenic foundation for different skin types?

Every different skin type demands different kinds of makeup. Oily skin needs foundation that will keep it looking clean and matte all day, while dry skin needs something moisturizing, without making skin shiny and unnatural. Because of advances in how hypoallergenic foundation is made, there are many different types of this foundation, making it easy to find not only a shade, but also a formulation that will work to quell your skin concerns without inciting a reaction. Some hypoallergenic foundation is made to both moisturize and matte skin’s appearance, making it perfect for every different skin type.

How can I tell if my foundation is really hypoallergenic?

The best way to tell if your foundation is really hypoallergenic is to read the ingredients list on the packaging. After years of wearing makeup, you probably know what ingredients you want to avoid, and which will not cause an allergic reaction. Another great way ensure your foundation is hypoallergenic, is to buy from a retailer that specializes in natural, hypoallergenic makeup in general. Some big name cosmetic lines will simply repackage their most popular makeup as hypoallergenic, even if it still contains harmful substances. You can avoid this by purchasing from a company that deals only in natural products.

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  • patricia skelton says:

    I am prone to small eczema breakouts on my face and temples. These are down the sides of my nose, chin and temple by the side of my eyes. Can you recommend something that will calm and cover?

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