Hypoallergenic Mascara

Many mascaras are marketed as “hypoallergenic.” Some are and some actually are not, as this tag is not well-regulated among mainstream cosmetic brands. Before purchasing any mascara that claims to be hypoallergenic, make sure that it does not in fact contain parabens, waxes, and other harmful chemicals that are likely to cause an allergic reaction when applied to the eyelashes.

What does “hypoallergenic” mean?

Hypoallergenic means that this kind of mascara is not likely to cause an allergic reaction if comes into contact with the skin or eyes. When used on drugstore or makeup counter cosmetics, this title is based on tests of specific ingredients, and many not take into consideration how these individual ingredients react when they are all mixed together. In addition, some ingredients may be labeled “safe” for normal skin, but on sensitive skin, will actually create a very negative reaction. Real hypoallergenic mascaras will contain no harmful ingredients and will not cause any sort of reaction, even for women who have very sensitive eyes and skin.

Why is hypoallergenic mascara better than non-hypoallergenic mascara?

Because mascara is applied around the eyes, it is very important for it to be gentle and to not cause allergic reactions. Women with sensitive eyes and skin especially have felt the sting of applying a mascara that is not really hypoallergenic, and experiencing the burning and watering that occurs and can ruin an entire makeup application. Hypoallergenic makeup is often more natural than other kinds of makeup, as many of the artificial ingredients are known to cause allergic reactions.

What brands carry hypoallergenic mascara?

Most brands carry at least one kind of hypoallergenic mascara. Some cosmetic companies may strive to make all of their makeup hypoallergenic, in order to ensure that any woman can use them. However, it is important to be careful when purchasing hypoallergenic mascara, as it can be marketed as hypoallergenic and not actually be free from allergens. The best brands to buy from are the ones that offer only natural products and have shown a real concern for ensuring that their products are skin and eye-friendly and will not harm the women that wear them.

Where can I find hypoallergenic mascara?

It may be possible to find some kinds of hypoallergenic mascara in the drugstore or at a reputable makeup counter, but the best place to find it is online. Not only will you be able to find reviews from other women who are looking for truly hypoallergenic mascara, you are more likely to find a product that will not irritate your eyes.

Why buy hypoallergenic mascara if I do not have allergies?

Some women do not feel the need to buy hypoallergenic mascara if they do not have allergies. However, hypoallergenic mascara often has a more natural composition than other kinds of mascara, making it better for the earth and better for your eyes, even if you do not have sensitive eyes or allergies.

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